May 21, 2020

I had been asleep for hours but woke up from a nightmare with a pit in my stomach. Normally once I crash I am unmovable, so I listened to my gut when it said to wake up and go talk to my husband.

This is a clip of the conversation I had with him that then set off his whole devastating retaliation. All I requested was an honest life, no denial, no false confessions but to put our safety first. It was UNACCEPTABLE to him. He left hours later and the retaliation and destruction began immediately.

Everyone who knows me knows that I do NOT have a ton of boundaries, but I think it’s INSANE & CRUELLY FUNNY that he asks me to respect his boundaries to let him sleep, but he didn’t respect my boundaries to NOT TAKE ME AGAINST MY WILL & REMOVE MY PROTECTIONS FROM OUR CHILDREN.

Maybe I should have been more clear in the numerous cease & desist letters I wrote to him about NOT doing it, even before he went to the Courts, his playground.

Oh, and he conveniently overlooks the fact I was clear, calm, linear in talking to him, and asleep for hours beforehand. Instead he is desperately, absurdly asserting I was “manic” simply because I woke up from a nightmare and went to talk to him. No, Sir. As everyone knows, I do not wait for appearances or social decorum to resolve an issue. I was being an Indisputable Good and Protective Mother. Maybe he can not tell the difference because he was trained to think that “advocacy” is “mania”? Maybe.
But I still think, that in the end, his Goodness wins.