MARCH 9, 2021


FIRST and formost, please know I am speaking loudly so my friend could hear me through the door.

After the corrupt AF @briarcliffmanorpolice kidnapped me, they dragged me in front of Judge Howard T Code while refusing me a lawyer, even a legal aide lawyer to represent me, or any witnesses. ADA David Lauscher was ready and waiting, in case there was any doubt it was all premeditated.

My friend came to the police station as a witness for the hearing, but they refused to let her in. Here she records me as I am chained to the wall trying to explain to her what happened, and trying to get someone to give her my belongings. Again, I am purposely speaking loudly so she can hear me.

I am of sound mind and body and all actions by the police to take me into custody for a “730 exam” was totally bunk, ESPECIALLY since they already did one. I was of no threat to myself or others, as you will hear me say in the next vid, so their whole charade is just that- A CHARADE TO DISCREDIT ME TO GIVE THEM A THIN VEIL OF PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY FOR THEIR CORRUPTION AND Brian Stryker Weinstein’s pedophilia and narcissistic domestic violence.

And they don’t have any plausible deniability.
They are left with their shame and guilt for torturing a good and protective Mother for their own pathetic weaknesses.