JULY 30, 2020

So- No shit. The Briarcliff Manor PD thinks the way to make me go away after they ASSAULT me yesterday is to ARREST me today. Seriously. In front of my kids. No fuck. The games are over? By providing more evidence of Police Harassment & Brutality?

wtf. a million times wtf.

I was parked on the public road, trying to get service in an area where I’ve been parked before, where my husband previously called the Police and BMPD told me I was NOT in violation of any order, bogus et al. All public roads were fine. Sgt Nacke at the Briarcliff PD decided to change his mind.

He sent Officers Yerks & Hadjstylianos to do the bidding. They were sent to abuse their power and arrest, they would not deesculate or listen to reason.

Sgt Nacke said he wanted me to know it was his decision when I got to the Station. I wouldn’t go away; I would not stop “bothering” the Police. I thanked him for his accountability and candor. I said it was refreshing. Sgt Nacke said he thought about it days earlier. It was all premeditated. Said he changed his mind about NOT arresting me on public property. Did he think he could have notified me of his new arbitrary “policy” when I showed up at the police station in the past few days to get their assistance? How about when BMPD was in Violation of the Court Order and refused to allow me access to my belongings? Or could his Officers have notified me when they came today and allowed me to leave? Nope-Nacke, Yerks & Hadjstylianos did exactly what they intended to do- harass and arrest me.

Here’s what they didn’t do: weaken my resolve. These ‘men’ have no idea what true strength is.

And my YALE LAW SCHOOL DAVIS POLK PARTNER who rendered his wife homeless, stripped of her kids, without means, without her belongings, for 55 DAYS was SO worried about her that HE WAS THE ONE WHO CALLED the Police. In front of the kids. BMPD are his agents, they do his bidding. He uses them, can’t even talk to me. COWARD.

I was detained for hours, arraigned in front of a judge in clothes that didn’t fit me. My car, my few belongings, all court papers I have, taken from me and impounded overnight, no access.
wtf. a million times wtf.