July 29, 2020

I went to the BMPD to have them escort me home to get my belongings as is the requirement in the Court Order. I have not had my belongings in 53 days.
They tried to detract and tell me my attorney was necessary. They tried to delay me and prevent me access to a public building.

Officer Oliveri then physically assaulted me on video- he tried to close the door to a public building in my face then aggressively pushed and yelled at me in a show of force with an intent to intimidate.

Sargent Salov then refused to take a complaint, refused to send someone out to speak with me, repeatedly hung up on me and said she would not “entertain” it when I repeatedly gave her a chance to do the right thing.

Chief Gorey has never contacted me, nor offered to schedule any appointment and advanced appointment with me.

BMPD Oversight committee was a sham, and your lawyer, Mr. Posin, still has yet to contact me directly to speak with me about my complaints for weeks.

Who does the BMPD think they are? SHAME ON ALL OF THEM.

I expect an immediate investigation and am engaging with lawyers who tackle police brutality and stonewalling. I hope the BMPD does NOT wait or use that as a crutch to immediately investigate and correct their actions.