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“Okay, how are you? Um I don’t know if you’re aware but I am in jail. Uh We’ve been since july 4th on misdemeanor charges of unserved orders of protection for such a large defenses as posting a picture of my Children and telling them that I love them. And for having somebody pick up my mail and uh support from the house as well as the standard process of the court. Um If you can uh get touch with my friend Christine, she can uh she can fill you in, I’ll also have her number just in case you can’t hear me on this. Um I’m hoping you, well I’m hoping maybe you can spread the news um and maybe get some uh spread along. I’m trying to get donations for the bill. They send my bill, they didn’t give me any bill for 3.5 weeks, which is in violation of the bill elimination after 2019. Um And then from the charges and then they gave me a bill at $100,000. Um So it’s a cash bill of 50 and I’m trying to raise the funds and they’re also trying to hold a hearing. Um I think they’re now saying they’re gonna do it on monday to say that I’m incompetent and I need to be um transferred to a health facility. So give me give me a call if you can, I’m on myself, I mean no, you can call me on myself, you can call Christi and she’ll let you know how to get in touch with me. Okay, Hope you well, thanks so much. Girl. Keep fighting.”


Lizzie has been falsely imprisoned by her ex husband since July 4 and doesn’t have access to her phone
I’m a friend of hers
She can be contacted at Valhalla Correctional Facility
Elizabeth Harding Weinstein
Inmate 260181
PO Box 10 Woods Rd
Valhalla, NY 10595
You can also try using an App called Securus for video conferencing

They moved Lizzie’s competency hearing today. It’s now Monday Sept 12th at 1:00pm at Briarcliff Manor Court. Anyone can attend. Also sending out the info below

To get Lizzie out of jail, you can pay bail to:

Details to post bail

Her JID# 0000260181
Her case #’s
22070020, 22070021, 22070022, 22070023, 22070024, 21040023
The court is Briarcliff Manor Village Court
The judge is Stuart A Halper
It’s $50,000 cash bail that is fully refundable, or $6300 cash non-refundable with $75,000 of collateral

Here is a bailbondsman if people want to go second route (she can reimburse the 6,300 but doesn’t have the collateral)
Perry 914-468-1173 or 914-803-2402