Federal Judge Cathy Seibel documents her unlawful ex parte communication with the defendants.

Ex Parte communications are not nice, Cathy Seibel.
They are also not lawful, etiher.
Seibel brazenly Orders this legal stranger to the case, Lewis Silverman, Esq., who has never filed an Order of Appearance or had any good faith contact with me in any way, to file documents related to my ‘incompetency’ and asks me to give Seibel the name of a Guardian ad Litem I would like, you know, if she should assign me one.
My competency is self-evident, Seibel. Duh.
Seibel has also already accepted and advanced my proper motions through this Court, so something is definitely off with her logic.
While my competency is not in question, nor is my ability to learn the law and properly file motion, SEIBEL’s MOTIVES FOR SILENCING AND THREATENING A PRO SE LITIGANT IS.
You look foolish, Cathy.
Knock it off.
You are supposed to be a highly esteemed Federal Judge, remember?
You are SUPPOSED to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, remember?
How about you act lawfully and recuse yourself, unless, of course you want to continue to put your egregious corruption on full display for everyone to see, in which case, go ahead.
I can’t stop you.
It is your CHOICE, Cathy Seibel.
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